Vuetify 是由一个惊人的社区打造的,社区中提交问题,创建拉取请求,并提供宝贵的反馈才使 Vuetify 成为可能。这是我们的工作,使你能够创建惊人的应用程序。很多时候,你会遇到一些可以做得更好的事情。也许你发现了一个 bug,或者你对附加功能有了一个想法。太好了!要开始在开发环境中工作,只需克隆 Vuetify 存储库即可。

The issue list of this repo is exclusively for bug reports and feature requests. Non-conforming issues will be closed immediately. Before reporting an issue, ensure that:

  • Search for a similar issues, it may have been answered.
  • Try to reproduce with the latest or lts (long-term-support) version in a codepen or repository that can be be cloned to produced the expected behavior.
  • The reproduction is MINIMAL and concise

These steps ensure that we have all of the information necessary to quickly triage and resolve your issue. Once your reproduction is complete, submit a new issue using the Vuetify Issue Creator.

设置你自己的开发环境非常简单!克隆 Vuetify 到你的仓库即可。

If you are new to the process of contributing to Open Source, it's recommended that you clone using https. More information on Which remote URL to use can be found on the GitHub documenation page.

Once cloned, navigate to the folder by typing cd vuetify and then running the following commands:


There are a few ways to startup the dev environments in Vuetify mono-repo. If you are using our PM2 guide, you can skip this section.

The Vuetify team uses Commitizen for all repository commits. This allows for easy to read and organized commits with minimal change to normal commit functions. To get started, globally install the commitizen package using yarn by running the following commands in your terminal:

Congrats! Commitizen is installed! When you do commits, add your files like normal and replace git commit -m "your message" with git cz and follow the prompts.

More information on Commit Guidelines w/Commitizen can be found below.

When working with Vuetify it is common to have the Playground, Documentation, and Build running at the same time. PM2 improves this process by running the dev processes for each package automatically. To get started, globally install the pm2 package by running the folowing commands:

Once installed, start the Vuetify ecosystem file with the following commands:

You can check the status and many other options for your PM2 instances by using any of the following commands:

Commitizen 为处理语义版本控制提供了一个流畅的接口。这提供了一个很好的样板文件,使得编写提交注释更加容易。

如上所述,所有提交都应该使用 commitizenconventional-changelog。提交应遵循格式 <type>: <subject> or <type>(scope): <subject>

  • feat: 提交一个新特性或功能。向后兼容的特性将在下一个 次要 中发布,而中断更改将在下一个 主要 中发布。带有中断更改的提交主体必须以 中断更改 开头,然后描述 API 是如何更改的。

fix: 提交为 vuetify 的代码库中的 bug 提供修复。

  • docs: 提交提供对文档的更新。
  • style: 提交不影响代码运行方式的代码,这些只是对格式的更改。
  • refactor: 提交既没有修复 bug 也没有添加特性。
  • perf: 提交提高性能的修改。
  • test: 提交添加丢失的或正确的现有测试。
  • chore: 其他不修改 src 或测试文件的提交。
  • revert: 恢复以前的提交。


在 git 中,添加所有相关文件。

使用 git cz 命令来通过 commitizen 提交。从这里开始,你将通过一系列的 props 进行提交。请确保选择合适的类型(参见上面的 提交指南 w/Commitizen)。

最后,git push 并且打开一个 Pull requests。


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